Mining Accommodation

By partnering with Australia's top engineers, planners, designers and remote housing specialists, Australian Mining Camps is able to provide a complete turnkey solution for Mine sites.

Projects are divided into two main areas...

1. The transformation of existing mine site accommodation areas where the current facilities are not sufficient to meet the growing needs and expansion of the sites, or through the degradation of existing building facilities, which need either maintenance or a complete overhaul.

2. The creation of new mining villages that address the needs of the companies and the physical and mental well-being of the workers and the local communities in which they temporarily reside.

To achieve the right result Australian Mining Camps works closely with our partners across all areas, from initial planning and approvals, through to site works, architectural concepts and design, through to detailed facilities planning, construction, installation, environmental waste solutions, camp management and maintenance.

AMC has established key business alliances and partnerships with key industry companies in order to ensure Mining Companies achieve the right result.