About AMC

AMC has developed a reputation for being able to provide unique solutions because of our highly consultative approach.

This includes such projects as the recent completion of a Jackaroo/Jillaroo accommodation quarters at the historic Alexandria Cattle Station – Outback Northern Territory and preliminary planning and development of a 10-storey modular landmark building project in the Fortitude Valley - Brisbane. The manufacture and supply of multi-level Modular Buildings will become a prominent part of AMC’s portfolio, due to the increased options such design affords. No project is too small or too large.

The Housing Solutions are designed to exacting standards, can be produced at a prolific rate, thereby addressing both qualitative and quantitative issues. Australian Mining Camps provides the following solutions...

A)  Solutions/Manufacture and supply of Mining Camps/Villages
B)  Solutions/Manufacture and supply of affordable housing
C)  Solutions/Manufacture, supply and construction of Indigenous Housing in conjunction with our Indigenous Division and the indigenous communities        
D)  Solutions/Manufacture and Supply of Crisis Housing

With a locally produced, unique and affordable housing system, a highly engineered and ready-made workforce and a market that is desperate for quality remote housing, Australian Mining Camps Ltd can provide quality to secure substantial contract supply.