New opportunities and projects continue to be unearthed in mining throughout Australia, with continued expansion in many existing tenements and in new explorations. In addition the infrastructure of many existing facilities requires renovation or extension. Building the right accommodation and facilities for Australia’s remote community workforce is what we do.  For the total solution in remote housing for mining, indigenous, crisis or general projects, speak to AMC.

Paramount to the infrastructural support of Mining Enterprises is the establishment of suitable living quarters for the fly-in, fly-out and drive-in, drive-out, workforce.

Growth in the remote housing industry continues but is price sensitive. With the continuation of many existing projects for years to come, there is high demand for the provision of quality housing solutions throughout the country. In many instances the previous desperation from companies to obtain more housing urgently saw them pay above market pricing for inferior housing.

Whilst many companies have been able to supply well-made, low cost housing, the commercial opportunity in this sector has meant that many inferior products have entered the market, driven by companies with minimal governance. This has resulted in instances of low-grade product, with structural issues leading to cost overrun. In many respects qualitative issues have been overlooked due to high acquisition demand.

AMC manufactures to BCA standards and use only the highest quality materials, ensuring that the hosting solutions we provide exceed all Australian requirements. This includes the utilisation of fire resistant and water resistant paneling board on all our projects.