Mission & Philosophy

Mission Statement

To be the leaders in providing a complete one-stop project management service in building healthy and robust communities in remote areas. This is achieved through the integration of high-quality Australian made, affordable housing products built to Australian standards, delivered on time and on budget.

Core Tenets That Drive Our Business

1. Health means wealth.
Living in remote areas away from loved ones can be tough. Fuses get short and tempers can flare. Problems are magnified in smaller spaces. We want to help build thriving, aspirational communities where harmony is achieved.

2. Quality is essential.
Nothing is quite so expensive as a poorly made product. Price is important but not at the expense of being able to adequately meet the needs of clients for as long as those needs are required.

3. Price does matter.
Quality can be provided at a reasonable price. We’ll research and negotiate with suppliers to ensure our clients achieve the best product/price solution.

4. Talk is cheap.
Many espouse wonderful solutions. We’d rather just deliver as agreed without needing to find colourful excuses.

5. We have a responsibility to our Indigenous people.
Many will reject supportive initiatives. Our concern and drive is directed at those who will embrace it and whose lives will be more fulfilling as a result.

6. Capacity and quality are not mutually exclusive.
We strive to build powerful partnerships with providers who are able to meet the quantitative requirements of our clients, without compromising on quality. To achieve this precision processing is a key criteria in product selection.

7. Innovation must be systemised to perfection. Otherwise it’s not innovative.
Ground-breaking product innovation is great only if it can be reproduced consistently every time. Innovative certainty. That’s the winning formula. That’s what we offer.

8. A Good night’s sleep is invaluable
There’s enough on the plate of Mine site Managers and Community Leaders without having to juggle the quality control of multiple site providers when establishing remote accommodation. Do your day jobs well and have a good night’s sleep. AMC will take care of all entities providing full coordination for accommodation.

9. Risk mitigation results in fewer tragedies.
Development and implementation of rigorous safety policies and procedures will result in fewer incidents. We understand the risks and prepare accordingly.

10. Flexibility and strength are a powerful combination.
Whilst we are a lead supplier for the best systems and processes, we are determined to work with industry and community to find a solution to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. Our exacting process allows for the interchange of product type, style, size etc. We’ll work with you to get you exactly what you want.

11. Honesty & integrity in everything we do.
Though these qualities are often talked about seldom it seems are they fully imbibed. We’re running a commercial enterprise and we like to be successful, but not at the expense of honesty and integrity. These are for us crucial elements in the fabric of our business dealings, without exception. We choose to deal with businesses who share the same ideals and sentiments.

12. Effective communication is vital.
Communicate regularly. Communicate comprehensibly. Communicate with detail. Communicate the shared understanding. AMC commit to providing a constancy of contact, dialogue and written communications that ensure a complete understanding of the state of any project at any time without any ambiguity whatsoever.